Plantão da Escola do Caos & Papum – SXSW 2024

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Dia 13/03

Bioeconomy: thriving in the amazon rainforest

Keynote: a conversation with Dra. Joy Buolamwini

Featured session: achieving climate justice through black liberation: understanding 2030 liberation horizon

Dia 12/03

Whispers in the code: real stories of responsible AI

The age of spatial computing & AI wearables is here

Featured session: billion dollar teams: the future of an AI powered workforce

Dia 11/03

Featured session: AI and humanity’s co-evolution with OpenAI’s Head of ChatGPT

The future of work doesn’t care where you work

Featured session: how we build resilience and compassion

Dia 10/03

Featured session: mindfulness over perfection: getting real on mental health

How teams can skip the drama and embrace healthy conflict

Unlocking us: live with Dr. Brené Brown featuring Esther Perel

Privacy and AI: taking back control of our data

Dia 09/03

Bad workplace culture is giving Burnout

Radical respect: how to work together better

Amy Webb launches 2024 emerging tech trend report

Dia 08/03

The 4 elements of non-obvious thinking

Design in tech report 2024: design against AI

10 breakthrough technologies of 2024

por Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau